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National Co-operatives Law Update

Welcome to the March 2014 issue of the National Co-operatives Law (NCL) update.

Co-operatives National Law (CNL) starts today in NSW and Victoria 

Issue 10 is being published to mark the commencement of the CNL in NSW and Victoria on this date – 3 March 2014. Recent issues of the NCL have heralded the coming of this day and the preparation that has gone into making it happen.

On commencement of the CNL in NSW, the current Co-operatives Act 1992 (NSW) and its regulation will be repealed. A similar repeal of Victoria’s current Co-operatives Act 1996 (Vic) and its regulation will also occur on the commencement of the Victorian CNL.

All NSW registered co-operatives will receive a letter from the NSW Commissioner for Fair Trading, Mr Rod Stowe, confirming the CNL commencement date in NSW. The letter refers to a list of information sheets about the CNL which will be available from the NSW Fair Trading website.

A Q&A sheet summarising the impact of the start of the CNL on existing co-operatives will also be forwarded with the letter. To assist other subscribers to this e-newsletter, the following link to an FAQ web page with similar information to the Q&A sheet is provided.

In Victoria, a similar letter has been sent to all Victorian co-operatives from the Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria, Dr Claire Noone.

For your information, a joint media release from the NSW and Victorian Ministers responsible for the administration of the new CNL laws in their States is available.

The input from stakeholders and the contribution from the States & Territories working party that developed the CNL, chaired by NSW as host jurisdiction, is greatly appreciated.

As advised in Issue 9, the other States and Territories are continuing to progress the consideration or development of their CNL or alternative consistent legislation in their jurisdiction, taking account of election cycles, changes of governments, and parliamentary priorities.

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Issue #10 - March 2014

Topics addressed in this issue:

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National Co-operatives Law Update is produced by NSW Fair Trading on behalf of the CNL working party established to assist the Ministers in the COAG Legislative and Governance Forum on Consumer Affairs (CAF), who have responsibility for the CNL under the Australian Uniform Co-operative Laws Agreement (AUCLA).

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