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Don't get your tinsel in a tangle! We'll be back in 2016

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It's hard to believe we are at the end of another busy year let alone that it's been 12 months since the introduction of the Motor Dealer and Repairer Act and Regulation 2014.

While our seminars have wrapped for 2015, we will continue to provide trader education on these reforms as part of our community My Place program. If your workshop or dealership is interested in our information sessions, check out our Events register page in 2016, to see what's on in your area.

Stay tuned for more motor industry news in the coming months. From everyone at NSW Fair Trading, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy, safe holiday season.


Case Study: Complaint about repairer work

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Our motor inspectors contribute to the success of our free complaint handling service. We wanted to share another case study demonstrating what our inspectors do to offer sound solutions that satisfy both parties to a dispute.

Fair Trading’s mediation service is fair and impartial and often results in mutually acceptable agreements between customers and traders.

Facts of the case

  1. A customer lodges a complaint against a repairer, when the replacement of a head gasket did not rectify the issues he had with his vehicle.
  2. The customer did not want to pay for the repairs and wanted to take his car to alternative repairer.
  3. The repairer refused the customer access to his car until the customer had paid for his work.
  4. The matter was referred to a Fair Trading automotove inspector who arranged to meet the customer at the repairer's workshop. The customer's chosen repairer was also present.

Our position

An interim agreement was reached between the customer and the original repairer whereby, the car was released to the customer's preferred repairer for diagnosis.

The terms of this agreement were:

  1. The customer was to pay half the quoted price of repairs carried out by the original repairer.
  2. The customer's repairer was to carry out diagnosis on the vehicle.
  3. If this repairer could confirm the issue was not caused by the work completed by the original repairer, the customer agreed to pay for further diagnosis and possible recitfication.
  4. If it was found that the problem was caused by the work completed by the first repairer, the first repairer agreed to pay for the cost of the diagnosis.

The resolution

The diagnosis of the vehicle found that:

  1. Another part of the vehicle's engine had failed causing the fault; and
  2. This fault did not relate to the initial work carried out by the first repairer.

The customer accepted the findings and agreed to meet the full cost of repairs carried out by the first repairer and the further cost of diagnosis and rectification by his chosen repairer.

The parties involved were thankful for Fair Trading's intervention and were satisfied with the outcomes achieved.


Do you hold a motor repairer tradesperson certificate?

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