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Rental Bonds Online - register now


3 December 2015

Say goodbye to paper bond forms and cheques by registering for NSW Fair Trading’s new service Rental Bonds Online.

The service was publicly launched this week and is a fast, easy and secure way for you and your tenants to lodge and refund bond money.

Once your agency is registered, you can use Rental Bonds Online to:

  • lodge residential rental bonds online without sending cheques and paper forms
  • view and refund residential rental bonds online
  • receive email and SMS phone updates about what is happening to a rental bond
  • view notifications and key tasks awaiting your action within Rental Bonds Online.

Getting started

To learn how the new service can benefit your agency, including how to register, visit the Rental Bonds Online for property agents page. From here you can also download fact sheets and access our frequently asked questions page.

You can also watch a 3-minute video introducing the service, Rental Bonds Online - the smart way to manage your bond. 
Rental Bonds Online video

If you would like to discuss how Rental Bonds Online can be used in your agency, or if you have any questions, contact Rental Bonds Online Security and Support by emailing or free call to 1800 990 724.

Don’t miss out

Since an initial rollout began in July of this year, over 2,000 real estate agencies and private landlords have signed up to the new service, with more than 7,000 active accounts established and over $5 million worth of bond money lodged. These agencies are already seeing productivity gains. Nikki, an agent in Paddington and early adopter of Rental Bonds Online said: 

“I just wanted to let you know how AWESOME this site is. It has already saved me so much time depositing a bond and refunding one. It is absolutely BRILLIANT. Thank you!”

Make sure your agency registers so they too can realise the benefits, along with your clients. You can also read the media release - NSW Rental Bonds System Goes Digital

Rental Bonds Online promotional banner


Faster refund payments


From January 2016, all rental bond refund payments will be made by electronic transfer to a nominated bank account. This initiative supports Digital+, the NSW Government's Information Communication & Technology Strategy. 

To avoid any delay in payment, you should provide bank account details for you and your tenant on the Claim for Refund of Bond Money form (PDF size: 228kb).

Still using fax?

NSW Fair Trading will stop accepting faxes at the end of this year.

To send us your forms, simply scan and email them to: