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New era for strata will start in 2016

The NSW Parliament has passed more than 90 strata law changes, which are due to start in the second half of 2016.

Based on extensive consultation, the new laws will help schemes to manage practical issues such as unauthorised parking, enforcing by-laws (the rules that the community follows) and what permission is needed for an owner to renovate their lot. 

Among the major changes are safeguards to help newly built schemes address unresolved building defects early. There will also be a new collective sale and renewal option for schemes. Collective sale and renewal refers to the sale or redevelopment of a scheme by the owners corporation, where at least 75% of the owners must agree for it to go ahead. The new process is highly transparent and includes a number of safeguards. Understand the steps required at our Collective sale and renewal reforms page. 

By recognising the use of technology, the laws will allow schemes to adopt online tools and practices to suit their communication and administrative needs - for example, conducting meetings by Skype.    

What’s happening next?

Before the new laws start, we will:

  • develop and consult on new regulations
  • provide key information for strata schemes
  • conduct a public awareness campaign to inform people working and living in strata about their new rights and responsibilities.

Explore the key reforms

For an overview of the key changes, refer to the following information on our website:

To read the legislation directly, download the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 and Strata Schemes Development Act 2015. Plus, read the media release - Strata Title Reforms Pass NSW Parliament

We also have translated a one-page fact sheet, Changes to strata laws, focusing on some of the changes that will affect day-to-day living in a scheme. It can be downloaded in Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and English from our Reform of strata laws page.